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Celebrating the some of the people who have worked with me over the years!

Sheryl Hoehner is very knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and has presented good information and tips to our members at the many presentations and demonstrations that she has done. She is also very personable and engaging in her interactions with our members and makes her classes interesting and fun.


-Anne Healy, Account Manager at Care First of Maryland

"Sheryl’s enthusiasm for healthy eating is contagious.  She is passionate about helping people eat well and be healthier.   Sheryl keeps up-to-date on the latest research in nutrition, on the newest products in the marketplace and the hottest food and diet trends.   I have worked with Sheryl on numerous occasions.  At Giant Food, Sheryl conducted tours, classes and food demos on numerous topics including diabetes, heart disease, allergies, gluten intolerance, always providing useful tips and advice to help put healthy eating into practice.   As Health and Wellness Manager, I read the always positive testimonials from customers on how Sheryl helped them improve their health.   I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Sheryl conducting food demos at senior centers and reviewing and analyzing recipes for various companies.   She enthusiastically brings her skills to any project and can be counted on for inventive ideas, up-to-date nutrition and culinary knowledge and attention to detail.  


-Paulette Thompson, MS, RDN, Nutrition Consultant, Former Health and Wellness Manager, Giant Food and Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Washington, DC


"Sheryl is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! I worked with Sheryl on a project that included a nutrition curriculum. She understood perfectly what information was the most pertinent to our audience. She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with not being misguided by the latest trends lets you know that she is sticking to science and sees you as an individual person.  She sees people in all their goodness and wants to help them be even better without any selfishness. She firmly believes in eating right and nutrition education."


-Erika Storkel, MPH  Founder Delta Perspectives, Dallas, TX

While attending nutrition classes with Mrs  Hoehner we learned a lot about weight gain and what was causing it. When she took us around the store she was able to point out the choices we had made and what would be the healthier choice. She introduced us to some sample foods that I would never have tried and this helped me go towards my goal of a healthier weight. We feel very blessed that our local store had her on their staff."

-Margaret Walton, a shopper at Giant Foods, Columbia, MD


"Sheryl's diabetes grocery store tour helped me learn how to read and understand products labels, and provided me with many suggestions to help me take better control over my eating without sacrificing taste. And I learned how to eat healthy without adding more expense to my grocery budget. It’s apparent that she loves what she does. I believe she was able to provide helpful tips to each and everyone in our group."

-Debi Sutton, Safeway Grocery Store Diabetes Tour, Brandywine, MD


“I have never understood what I needed to do as far as my diabetes is concerned. Sheryl made everything so clear on tonight’s tour.”

-Lucy, age 72, Safeway Grocery Store Diabetes Tour, Severna Park, MD

"Sheryl is a consummate professional who I had the honor of working with in the hospital setting. She encouraged new moms to eat well and breastfeed their babies, thereby providing the finest start for the new family.”


-Marian Stokel, BA, RNC-OB, IBCLC, MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, Clinton, MD


"I enjoyed Sheryl’s class as she shared with us the USDA’s Guidelines for everyday cooking. We learned so much in an informal and fun way about the five most recent USDA guidelines and more importantly the different kinds of fats and the benefits of eggs! Learning how to make a basic frittata as well as a delicious dessert was most valuable!"


-Christian Gosselin, Coop Food StoresTeaching Kitchen, Lebanon, NH


"Thank you so much for your time and expertise on the Thompson Grocery Tour. You were so well prepared and the points you made before and during our visit were easy to follow and very useful. And your props were great! I thought you had an engaged audience as I saw note taking. I regret that more people did not take advantage of your time."


-Pam Butler Thompson, Program Director, Senior Center Woodstock,

“I became colleagues with Sheryl Hoehner several years ago when we worked with CHAMP.  Sheryl is knowledgeable, professional, and personable.  She has a knack for integrating and for making what you need to know accessible and practical, while sticking to the highest standards of evidence based nutrition.”

-Dr. Tim Herzog EdD, CMPC, BCB Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor- Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Montana

I joined Sheryl's grocery store tour hoping to improve my family's diet with better food choices. Sheryl taught us to decode nutrition labels on food, to understand proper portion sizes, and how to add colorful fruits and vegs. Trendy food fads and diets are discussed as potentially hard to manage; a balanced approach with portion control allows for the occasional sweet treat. No foods are off-limits. Sheryl's tour is more than a common-sense view on nutrition--she knows where we stumble when making food choices and encourages a healthier way forward. 

-Melissa Nordstom participant on grocery store tour Fall 2019


First cooking class I'd ever taken. The frittatas were amazing. Never thought I would enjoy Sheryl's class as much as I did and look forward to another one.


-Dr Bernard McCabe (Coop Cooking class on Fats and Eggs, Fall 2019)


Mrs Sheryl Hoehner provided a cooking instruction along with the story Stone Soup for our two preschool centers. Not only did the children enjoy cutting the vegetables for the soup but they also got to sample what they had made!!! This was a wonderfully informative event for our children as well as our staff.


-Jan Duley, Owner, The Kinder Garden Early Learning Centers, Easton and Stevensville, MD, July 2019


Sheryl was our store nutritionist. She developed our “Eat Right Live Well” program where she went into our stores and taught adults and children the importance of a healthy diet and making it taste good. She also provided a weight loss challenge to the company employees and taught us the same things. Her program gave us the motivation to start a healthy way to live. Her knowledge, patience and kindness helped everyone.


-Karen Enoch, BGreen office manager and participant in The Biggest Loser contest

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